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Fixing a clogged toilet

Toilet clogs aren’t fun to deal with. While toilet plungers can help, you might not feel comfortable using one. Plungers do come in handy if there is a child’s toy, a plastic object or some other solid item stuck in the drain. If they don’t get dislodged with a plunger, you might want to call a plumber.

How to clean the toilet

When cleaning a toilet, most of us forget to remove the seat and clean the toilet seat joints as well. But grime, dirt and fecal matter could be stuck under the joints. This leaves behind bad smells and makes your bathroom a breeding ground for bacteria such as streptococcus and E. coli.

6 Ways to clean your bathroom with vinegar

Vinegar is an underrated and effective cleaning tool. It’s milder than most cleaning products you buy, doesn’t leave your bathroom with a harsh ‘chemical’ smell and is great for the environment. Here are 6 ways to use vinegar to clean your bathroom.

Right way to flush the toilet

We never really pay attention to how we flush a toilet. You just press down on the lever and wash your hands. That’s it, right? 
Well, maybe not.

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Preserving Chrome Fittings

Chrome bathroom fittings instantly add class to one’s home – until they begin to get dirty. To help you clean them with ease, we’ve put together a fool-proof, two step guide.

Removing Rust From Chrome Fittings

Rust is one of the biggest issues with chrome fittings. If you don’t clean them regularly, rust can leave you with no choice but to replace them. Luckily, we have a list of rust-removing procedures. There’s a solution for everyone. Take a look!

Quick Fixes With Toothpaste

It’s hard cleaning the bathroom. Even when you spend hours cleaning it, you can’t use your bathroom for a few days without noticing the pungent smell of all the cleaning products you used. 
Sometimes, you visit someone and find that their washrooms are always in pristine condition. No stains or dirty tiles– and surprisingly, their bathroom never smells of cleaning chemicals or strong air freshener! 
We’re here to help you become that person, with an everyday household product – toothpaste. Here are some ways it can be used for cleaning:

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Linear show drains

One of the more overlooked aspects of a bathroom, is its shower drain. Usually, most bathrooms have the standard circular drain installed in a corner. Circular drains can unfortunately get clogged easily, and sometimes take ages to drain out the water from your bathroom floor. But what if we told you that there is a more efficient and elegant shower drain solution?

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Designing The Perfect Bathroom With Geberit Concealed Cisterns

A difficult part of setting up a new home is putting together the restroom. Hygiene and efficient usage of water is key – especially for toilets. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on design. One of the most overlooked parts of a toilet is the cistern.

An Easy Step To Renovate Your Bathroom Toilet

While renovating the bathroom, replacing one’s toilet can become a hassle. One of the more difficult tasks at hand is replacing your toilet cistern. Normally, you need the right size and capacity to match the old one. But what if we showed you an easier way?

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Tornado Flushes

Ever heard of the Tornado Flush? It’s a type of toilet flush with two or three jets that pour water in a forceful, downward motion from the base of the bowl when flushing. Toilets with the Tornado flush have a unique, sleek design.

Rimless Toilets

Looking for a toilet that combines sleek design and easy maintenance? Rimless toilet bowls could be for you! As the name implies, these toilets have no rims. Regular toilets pour water from underneath the rim after flushing. But rimless toilets push water from the top of a toilet pan instead.

Why You Need Cefiontect

Ever heard of Cefiontect? Standing for Ceramic Fine Ion Technology, it is a glaze that gives fittings a longer life. The best part of this glaze is that it isn’t visible to the naked eye – it just looks like the ceramic surface has a smooth polished finish!

Finding A Permanent Hard Water Solution

Whether you need water for drinking, bathing, cooking or cleaning, hard water can be a source of several problems. It causes film and scale build up and ruins your plumbing system over time, as it causes cracks, stress and clogs in pipes. One of the best ways to tackle hard water at your home or office is by setting up a water softener.

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The Need For Green Buildings

With climate change becoming a growing concern in our times, it is important to educate ourselves on ways to combat it. One such way is making our homes ‘green buildings’. A green building is a building that focuses on efficiently using energy, water and materials through good design, construction and maintenance. Green buildings aim for sustainability and are environment-friendly.

Sustainable Sanitary Ware

How sustainability is a key factor for all the sanitaryware firms.

TOTO Sanitary Ware: TOTO is a leading sanitary ware brand, that has been working towards...

Why Suatainability Is Essential ?

The word ‘sustainable’ is becoming quite popular. It’s being used in every domain possible – fashion, food, construction, education, etc. But the word is more than just a trend. It’s becoming the need of the hour.

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