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TOTO is a Japanese brand known for its ability to create luxury sanitary ware that is eco-friendly. With innovations like the rimless toilet and CeFIONtect coatings, TOTO is a leader in water conservation and management solutions for home and office bathrooms.

Duravit is a 200-year-old German brand that has worked with some of the world most prominent designers to create high quality bathroom fittings. In recent times, it has also begun to explore eco-friendly solutions that help in creating the perfect green home.

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With a large and varied selection handpicked by our team, our Summer Collection has just what you need this season. It might not be what you initially were looking for, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be leaving with a selection of home goods in your cart.

Dornbracht is a family owned German company found in 1950. In a couple of decades it established itself as a specialist for sophisticated range of fittings. Soon became the trend setter after introducing “TARA SERIES” with clean, precise, timeless and elegant features. The key aspect of the brand is its quality and durability in turn making it More sustainable, which is achieved through rigorous quality control in its own production house. Even today all the Dornbracht products are Exclusively only “ Made in Germany”. In addition to their existing products they have also introduced a range of spa and wellness products designed with the core idea being “spirits of water” transforming the limitless energy of water to create a therapeutic experience.

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 Founded in 1896, Ever since manufacturing washbasins and wash stands made from glazed steel with the highest priority given to Material, Form and Function. They create products that meet the basic needs for cleaning and aesthetics in equal measures. For over 120 years grazed steel has been the strongest source of inspiration. Working with the composite material made of titanium steel and enamel glaze pushed them to achieve maximum creative performance with masterful craftsmanship, MADE IN GERMANY.

Since 1928, Easy Sanitary Solutions has been developing trend-setting bathroom products. While they started their journey in the Netherlands, they now have manufacturing plants in Germany as well. With sleek designs and great quality, they have definitely made a name for themselves. It’s no surprise that they develop and sell over one million products every year.

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Geberit is an international sanitary fittings brand, with its headquarters in Switzerland. For decades, it has worked towards integrating energy efficiency and water management in its products. The brand’s quality speaks for itself, and Geberit has become one of the go to brands for bathroom fittings across almost all European countries.

Family owned company from Germany started in 1899. Vega is now the market leader in installation technology sector. They also recognise the responsibilities that come with it. Hence creating a product they focus on aspects like drinking water grade quality , fire protection and energy efficiency. They carefully select the material to maintain the above qualities. To enhance the customer experience.

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Based out of Germany, Schell is a pioneer in the sanitary ware industry. Along with manufacturing their own products, they are the goto manufacturers for premium brands across the world. Their products provide sustainable solutions that never compromise on quality or safety. As their wares and fittings cater to domestic, commercial and public sanitary requirements, Schell ensures that the hallmarks of its products are sustainability, robustness and reliability.

The brand had its humble beginnings in 1902 and over the years vastly expanded itself. Currently offering 60,000 products, spread through various industries. At 3M they use science to improve lives and help solve world’s toughest challenges. 3M WATER PURIFIER provides an affection solution which reduces the water wastage to only 2%, Making itoa more sustainable option for the customers and the environment.

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