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Why you need CeFIONtect ?

Ever heard of CeFIONtect? Standing for Ceramic Fine Ion Technology, it is a glaze that gives fittings a longer life. The best part of this glaze is that it isn’t visible to the naked eye – it just looks like the ceramic surface has a smooth polished finish!

To understand more about whether CeFIONtect is best for you, let’s take a look at how it works. 

On a microscopic level, ceramic surfaces have mountain-like ridges. This means dirt particles and bacteria will build up between the ridges, no matter how well you clean. But when the CeFIONtect glaze is applied, they coat the mountain-like ridges and cover all the crevices, giving a polished finish even on a microscopic level. This gives the grime and germs no place to hide. 

Need more reasons to consider CeFIONtect? Here are some benefits:

  1. Improved Sanitary Hygiene: Your toilets will be cleaner and hold less bacteria, before and after cleaning! This keeps your entire bathroom smelling pleasant and improves you and your family’s health.

  2. Easier Cleaning: As less dirt accumulates in your toilet, cleaning also becomes hassle-free. You’ll stop spending on expensive toilet cleaners, as cleaning and removing bad odours will become a quick process. 

  3. Less Chance of Staining: As time goes by, any toilet bowl will stain due to years of usage and cleaning. With CeFIONtect, there is a protective glaze that reduces the chance of stains – prepare to have guests that are surprised at how “brand-new” the bathroom looks! 

  4. Better for the Environment: With CeFIONtect, the need for harsh toilet detergents disappears. You can effectively clean your toilet bowl with mild home-made solutions like vinegar-lemon mixtures. This is better for the environment and your home.

  5. Lesser Chances for Mould: When left uncleaned for a long time, regular toilets can become home for dangerous mould that is bad for one’s health. The CeFIONtect coating protects against that, and your toilet no longer becomes a health issue.

CeFIONtect is like a one-step solution to several problems. It’s a signature of several TOTO products- take a look at what they have to offer- you won’t regret it!

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