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Designing the Perfect Bathroom with Geberit Concealed Cisterns

A difficult part of setting up a new home is putting together the restroom. Hygiene and efficient usage of water is key – especially for toilets. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on design. One of the most overlooked parts of a toilet is the cistern. A good cistern will last for decades without cracks and leaks, while having large water capacity. You might think that a good-quality cistern must be large and take up an unrealistic amount of space in your bathroom – thankfully, there are more elegant options. 
One such option that we recommend is the Geberit Concealed cistern. When installing, this cistern will be concealed inside your restroom wall, so while it may occupy a lot of space, no one will notice it. Different sizes and capacities are available based on your requirements and wall thickness. For all the models Geberit offers, we recommend your walls being at least 4”, ideally 6”.
These concealed cisterns come in various heights- from 82cm to 114 cm. They are all available in barrier-free and height adjustable options. Based on the unique model, you can get concealed cisterns for any type of flush with odor extraction. 
Each cistern is individually leak-tested before it is delivered, is easy to install and maintain, comes with a 25-year guarantee and a flush volume that can be limited to 4.5 liters –ensuring that you conserve water. This is truly a product that combines reliability and efficiency with great design. Check out the entire range to find the best one for you!

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