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Finding A Permanent Hard water Solution

Whether you need water for drinking, bathing, cooking or cleaning, hard water can be a source of several problems. It causes film and scale build up and ruins your plumbing system over time, as it causes cracks, stress and clogs in pipes. One of the best ways to tackle hard water at your home or office is by setting up a water softener. A water softener converts hard water to soft water, preventing scaling, corrosion and hard water stains from ruining your plumbing system. 
A good water softener will be able to supply soft water to every appliance in your household, while being low maintenance. We recommend the 3M Fully Automatic Water Softener. It is a minimal maintenance product that uses automatic regeneration to provide soft water for your house at any time. It is user friendly, easy to install and comes with a self-cleaning technology that makes your life hassle-free.
A great reason to consider 3M, is how it judiciously it uses water. Older models of water softeners would get around 30-50L of yield for every 100L of hard water. The 3M Fully Automatic Water Softener gives a yield of around 70L for every 100L, so there is very little water wastage. The softeners also have a high salt storage capacity, so you can achieve up to 90% of water softening even with severe hard water cases, without damaging the system. Ion-exchange technology is used to remove harmful salts and minerals from the hard water, while a programmable multi-port valve is used to regenerate soft water when the tank is empty. You can set the regeneration time according to your convenience – most customers set it to times when they are asleep, so soft water is always readily available during the day. 
Hard water can affect your household fittings and your health – but it is an easy problem to fix. Install the 3M Fully Automatic Water Softener and notice the instant upgrade in your lifestyle!

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