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Easy Drain - Linear show drains

One of the more overlooked aspects of a bathroom, is its shower drain. Usually, most bathrooms have the standard circular drain installed in a corner. Circular drains can unfortunately get clogged easily, and sometimes take ages to drain out the water from your bathroom floor. But what if we told you that there is a more efficient and elegant shower drain solution?
Easy Drain is the inventor of the linear shower drain. Instead of making one corner of your bathroom responsible to drain all the bathwater, the linear shower drain is present as one entire strip along one edge of your bathroom floor. This way, water drains out through more than just one corner. This makes bathwater draining easy, reliable and quick. 
Easy drain’s linear shower drains come with several advantages – they are 100% water proof, come with 10 years warranty and are extremely easy to install and clean. They are also designed in several styles, to add to the design and beauty of all types of bathrooms. They also come in different models based on your floor type – be it ceramic tiles, natural stone, thin flooring, vinyl, etc. You can get yours in a standard length or customized to meet the dimensions of your bathroom. 
While you may not notice your shower drain now, after installing the Easy Drain linear shower drain, we believe you will notice and be surprised by it often. Your bathroom floors will be perennially dry, and the drain will seem like more of a style-related fitting than a functional one!

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