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Removing Rust From Chrome Fittings

Rust is one of the biggest issues with chrome fittings. If you don’t clean them regularly, rust can leave you with no choice but to replace them. Luckily, we have a list of rust-removing procedures. There’s a solution for everyone. Take a look!

1. Coca-Cola Scrub

All you need is some tin or aluminium foil and a bottle of coke. Here is what to do:

  • Pour 100 – 150 ml of coke into a bowl. Most people prefer Diet Coke as it has no sugar, so the liquid never gets sticky when you use it.

  • Fold a sheet of foil a few times till you form a small square/rectangular strip.

  • Dip this strip in the coke. Use it to scrub the rust-affected parts of your fittings. Apply more coke for stubborn spots of rust. Foil isn’t abrasive enough to scratch chrome surfaces, but minimal pressure is advised.

  • Once the rust is removed, rinse with water.

  • Using a dry towel, pat the fittings dry.

2. Lemon Juice

In this solution, you will need 3 lemons, water, dry towels and a sponge. 

  • Cut the lemons into halves. Squeeze out the juice into a bowl. 

  • Wash the fittings to remove dirt. 

  • Using the lemon rinds like a brush, scrub the surface of the fittings. 

  • When done with the rinds, dip your sponge in the lemon juice. Use it to coat the rusted chrome surface.

  • Let the lemon juice sit for around 5 minutes – not more than that, as the acidity could cause damage.

  • Rinse the lemon off. Using the dry towels, pat dry your fittings.

Tip: If you want a stronger cleaner, add a tbsp of vinegar to the lemon juice. But don’t let this mixture sit for more than 2-3 minutes. 

3. Chrome Polish (for severe cases of rust)

Chrome polish may be more expensive than other household items, but it is very effective in removing severe cases of rust. With polish, you will need fine steel wool, gloves, water and dry towels.

  • Wash the surface of the rusted fittings with water, to remove dirt and dust.

  • Following the instructions on the polish to apply it correctly onto your fittings.

  • Scrub the rust with the steel wool. Never use it to scrub dry surfaces, as that could cause scratches. Use gentle circular motions to remove the rust instead.

  • Afterwards, rinse the area with water.

  • Pat dry with the towels.

After using these methods, coat your clean, dry chrome fittings with products like WD-40 or wax paper. They form thin films of grease on top of the chrome, which slows down rust formation in the long run. These methods bring your metal fittings back to life effortlessly!

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