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An Easy Step To Renovate Your Bathroom Toilet

While renovating the bathroom, replacing one’s toilet can become a hassle. One of the more difficult tasks at hand is replacing your toilet cistern. Normally, you need the right size and capacity to match the old one. But what if we showed you an easier way?
Geberit manufactures exposed toilet cisterns, which are perfect for your renovation needs. With a 25-year guarantee, there’s no surprise as to why it they are in such high demand. The cistern is known for its durability! 
The exposed cistern comes with low-key designs and variable mounting options at an economical price. It is constantly being updated to improve its ability to conserve water, and is already hugely popular, with over 20 million units being sold globally.
Installation is easy, irrespective of the environment. Geberit has the actuator plates and installation elements to install at three different heights. All types of flushing are supported. Each cistern is individually leak-tested and comes with a 25-year guarantee. With a wide range of colors, sleek designs and volume capacities, the exposed cistern ensures that your bathroom has great design, durability and conserves water. 
Whether your requirement is for a public, professional or personal environment, Geberit has the product for you. Learn more about which exposed cistern meets your renovation needs today!

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