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Rimless Toilets

Looking for a toilet that combines sleek design and easy maintenance? Rimless toilet bowls could be for you! As the name implies, these toilets have no rims. Regular toilets pour water from underneath the rim after flushing. But rimless toilets push water from the top of a toilet pan instead. This ensures that the entire bowl is cleaned while flushing. They do a much better job at cleaning than their rimmed counterparts.

Rimless toilets seem like a luxury item, but thanks to brands like TOTO, they fall in the same price range as most other models do. They add class to one’s bathroom without even trying. 

Some benefits of having a rimless toilet include:

  1. Easy Cleaning – rimless toilets don’t have the issue of dirt, grime and disgusting fecal matter getting caught underneath the rim. With this model, you won’t ever have to scrub underneath the rim again!

  2. Improved Hygiene – in rimmed toilets, bacteria such as shigella and salmonella can stay underneath the rim if not cleaned regularly. Rimless toilets avoid this issue entirely.

  3. Water Conservation – most old toilets use anywhere between 10 to 15 L of water for each flush. Rimless toilets use up to just 5L a flush, saving your water bills and helping the environment!

  4. Easier Flushing – rimless toilets are designed to flush the water with a strong downward motion. This means there is less splash, and you need lesser water to flush out the waste, making flushing easier. You won’t have to flush as often as with older models!

  5. Reducing Detergent Amounts – the flushing mechanism is very efficient, so you require less detergent to keep the toilet clean. This also means you can replace your pungent, heavy-duty toilet cleaners with natural, milder options and achieve the same results. 

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to a rimless toilet now – it’s a worthwhile investment. Brands like TOTO have sold over 8 million of them in since 2002. Replacing your rimmed toilets with a rimless is an upgrade you deserve! 

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