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Sustainable Sanitaryware

  • TOTO Sanitary Ware: TOTO is a leading sanitary ware brand, that has been working towards the advancement of bathroom culture since 1917. Since its creation, TOTO has always had a strong Global Environmental Vision. Their products use technologies like rimless toilets, the Tornado flush, Cefiontect glaze for ceramic products and Hydrotect technology, all focus on reducing the amount of water and harsh cleaning products needed to maintain sanitary hygiene.

  • Geberit Sanitary Ware: “He who builds responsibly, builds sustainably” is the motto of the Geberit group. The brand always ensures that their products are both durable and help the environment, making Geberit a go-to brand in green building construction. Several LEED, MINERGIE and Green Mark-certified green buildings across the globe feature sustainable Geberit products such as Geberit Sanitary Ceramic, Geberit AquaVlean Mera, Geberit Washbasin taps and more.

  • Easy Sanitary Solutions (ESS): ESS originated in the Netherlands, and offers products that are simple, practical and sustainable. Their range of shower heads and toilet accessories aim to reduce waste generation and conserve water. All their products are highly durable and come with 10-year warranties.

  • Duravit Sanitary Ware: Duravit is aware of the importance of sustainable manufacturing processes. The company has put together a product cycle that focuses on energy efficient solutions. All Duravit products are made of materials that are environmentally compatible – for example, their bathroom furniture is made of PEFC certified wood that comes from sustainably managed forests. Each material used in production is checked to see if it can be replaced by something with lower environmental impact. All Duravit products can be recycled and resupplied into Duravit’s product cycle after usage, too. Being a member of Boards like the German Sustainable Building Council, Duravit knows how to combine quality with sustainability.

  • Schell Sanitary Ware: Schell is a pioneer in sustainable public sanitary fittings. Products like their contact-free wash basins, water closets and urinals can save up to 60% more water than regular fittings would. They also focus on ensuring that their manufacturing processes use as many recycled and locally-sourced materials as possible. Schell is one of the Founders of the Blue Responsibility Initiative, aiming to improve sustainable practices that ensure drinking water world-wide.

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