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TOTO's Tornado Flushing

Ever heard of the Tornado Flush? It’s a type of toilet flush with two or three jets that pour water in a forceful, downward motion from the base of the bowl when flushing. Toilets with the Tornado flush have a unique, sleek design. the centrifugal force of the flushed water combine to clean every part of the toilet bowl efficiently, while using less water than in normal toilets. The Tornado flush and the rimless toilet bowl work together to keep the toilet clean, with little effort from your end. It is a distinct feature of all TOTO toilets.

Some benefits of switching to the Tornado flush include:

  1. No Waste After Flushing: The sheer force of the jets make sure that no waste stays behind. All the waste is removed and pushed out, reducing the chances of toilet clogs as well.

  2. Cleans the Whole Bowl: Despite this being a part of the rimless toilet bowl, the centrifugal force of the water still cleans the entire bowl. The jets are located only at the base of the rim, but still clean the entire bowl’s surface.

  3. Easy to Clean: This design has two factors making it easy to clean – the rimless bowl and the flush. You won’t have to worry about cleaning under the rim, and the tornado flush keeps the entire bowl clean. The next time you clean the toilet, you’ll use less product and be done in no time.

  4. Conserves Water: Each Tornado flush uses about 5L of water at most, while the average toilet uses anywhere between 10-15L. The Tornado flush is great for your water bill and the environment.

  5. Almost No Spray: Due to the design of the jets, the downward motion of water during flushing causes almost no mist or spray. This means that almost no dirt or bacteria escape the toilet bowl when you flush, improving sanitary hygiene. 

If you want to conserve water while having a sparkly clean toilet, the Tornado Flush is for you!

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